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70+ ChatGPT Prompts For Essay Writing For The Best Results

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Make writing easy | ChatGPT Prompts for Essay Writing

Essay writing can often be challenging for students. They usually need a guide to get them started. This guidance is traditionally provided by teachers and textbooks, with Google searches also occasionally used by students. Now, advancements in technology have brought us one of the most powerful tools ever created: artificial intelligence. These AI tools can guide students as they write essays. The student only needs to use prompts for writing essays. Current forms of AI are known as Large Language Models (LLMs). These LLMs are capable of mimicking an understanding of natural language and generating responses to a prompt.

A prompt, in this context, is a statement or question that is posed to the AI tool. The AI tool responds to these prompts by crafting responses using its model. AI models like ChatGPT can generate a human-like response in mere seconds. Using chatgpt prompts for essay writing, these AI tools have become so proficient at generating meaningful text from different types of prompts that exhibit great potential as a learning tool for students at all levels. In this article, we will explore chatgpt prompts for essay writing that students can use on ChatGPT, categorized by subject. Also check Best ChatGPT prompts for resumes and CV writing.

ChatGPT Prompts for Essay Writing For High School Students

I. Prompts for Literature

  1. Write a detailed critical note on [Insert text -Browning’s Dramatic Monologue] with special reference to [Insert text – The Last Ride Together’ and ‘My Last Duchess].
  2. Write a [Insert text– the number of words] summary on [Sensuousness of Keats].
  3. Discuss [ Insert text– Mick’s exploitation of language for accosting Davies in Harold Pinter’s play the Caretaker].
  4. Write a 500 words critique on [ Insert text– how Bertrand Russell bridges the esoteric philosophical concerns and the issue of mundane endeavor].

II. Prompts for History and Government

  1. Write an essay about the importance of the [insert text -Devonshire White Paper].
  2. Write a comprehensive note on [insert text -the Civil Rights Movement with a particular mention to the American Women and the Blacks].
  3. Write an essay on [insert text -the emergence of US as a world industrial power].
  4. Explain the [insert text -presidential electoral process in US].
  5. Discuss [insert text -the progress of the Progressive movement in the US] between 1900-1916.
  6. Analyze the [insert text -reasons for the formation of major international organizations].
  7. Explain the causes of [insert text -the Cold War].
  8. Discuss the effects of [insert text – the Cold War].
  9. Critically examine [insert text -the significance of the issue of slavery in American History].
  10. Discuss the causes and effects of [insert text – the Great Depression] on the people and society of the US.
  11. Discuss the major factors responsible for [insert text – ‘sectional divide’ between the Northern and the Southern states of the USA]
  12. Critically evaluate [insert text -Richard Nixon’s accomplishments and failures during his Presidency].

III. Prompts for Biology

  1. Explain the importance of [insert text -biology)].
  2. Explain the characteristics of [insert text -living organisms].
  3. Explain the possible forces involved in the [insert text -movement of water and mineral salts through plants].
  4. Describe the role of [insert text -hormones in human reproduction].
  5. Describe the process of [insert text -fertilization in flowering plants].
  6. Explain the necessity of [insert text -support and movement in animals and plants].

IV. Prompts for Geography and Earth Science

  1. Discuss critically how [insert text -The Plate tectonics theory is a unifying theory].
  2. Define and discuss the [insert text -origin of ocean currents].
  3. Discuss the salient features of [insert text -Monsoon type of climate].

ChatGPT Prompts that College Students can use for Essay writing

I. Prompts for Sociology

  1. Discuss migration as a [insert text -Social Phenomenon].
  2. Discuss the emerging types of [insert text -crimes in our society today].
  3. Write an essay on the major contributions of [insert text -Max Weber in understanding the society theoretically].
  4. Analyze the impact of [insert text -smuggling as a social problem in a society].

II. Prompts for Economics

  1. Explain in detail the [insert text -economics of dumping].
  2. Explain the differences between [insert text -Perfect and Pure Competition].
  3. Explain [insert text -consumer equilibrium] by utilizing/using [insert text -Cardinal and Ordinal Approaches].

III. Prompts for Business Administration

  1. Describe the main features of [insert text – marketing environment].
  2. Discuss that [insert text -Management is an evolutionary process].
  3. Discuss the role of [insert text -Finance Manager in any organization].
  4. Describe the [insert text -formulation of marketing strategy].
  5. Discuss the main characteristics of [insert text -financial management].
  6. Describe how [insert text -marketing strategies change during product life cycle].

IV. Prompts for International Relations

  1. Describe and discuss the concept of [insert text -Nation – State] and [insert text -evaluate its future in the light of certain].
  2. recent developments.
  3. Discuss the importance of [insert text -International Relations] as a field of study.
  4. Explain the concept of [insert text -Balance of Power in international relations and evaluate its relevance after the demise of Soviet Russia].
  5. Critically discuss the origin and developments of [insert text – the cold war and its consequences on].
  6. World Politics.
  7. Critically evaluate [insert text -American Foreign Policy towards Pakistan].
  8. Examine the concept of [insert text -National Power and its essential ingredients].

V. Prompts for Journalism and Communication

  1. Discuss the concept and process of [insert text -communication].
  2. Describe the major types of [insert text -editorials].
  3. “News” is the real soul of Journalism. Discuss in detail the [insert text -major functions and values of news].
  4. Discuss the latest trends in [insert text -advertising being practiced in our society].

VI. Prompts for Information Technology and Computer Science

  1. Discuss the [insert text -cost estimation techniques used in software engineering].
  2. Explain the principals [insert text -of requirement engineering of web applications].
  3. Discuss the essential servers/services that are used to [insert text -complete an Intranet].
  4. Write a [insert text -do-while loop to compute the sum of the first 30 positive odd integers].
  5. Discuss the types of [insert text -variables used in C programming language].
  6. Discuss the concepts of [insert text -data independency in DBMS].
  7. Discuss the guidelines for [insert text -designing a security policy].
  8. Discuss existing [insert text -machine learning methods used in training machine learning algorithms].
  9. Discuss the factors that one should consider when [insert text -selecting a search algorithm].
  10. Discuss the primary categories of [insert text -robots].
  11. Explain the characteristics of [insert text -computer software].
  12. Discuss the types of [insert text -network topologies].
  13. Discuss any types of [insert text -Data line encoding schemes].
  14. Discuss the functions of [insert text -Data link control].

Prompts that undergraduate students can use on ChatGPT:

I. Prompts for Business and Entrepreneurship

  1. Write an essay about the [insert text -importance of ethics in business].
  2. Write an essay on [insert text -types of entrepreneurs].
  3. Explain the difference between [insert text -Perfect and Pure Competition].

II. Prompts for Accounting

  1. Using examples, discuss and interpret the various types of [insert text -ratios that you can use to evaluate any organization’s performance].
  2. Elaborate the different types of [insert text -Audit under the Companies Act 1984].
  3. Describe the ethical principles adhered to by [insert text -accountants] in the exercise of their mandate.

III. Prompts for System Analysis and Design

  1. [In system analysis and design, you are expected to conduct a feasibility study] Discuss the types of [insert text -feasibility studies] and their benefits.
  2. Discuss the differences between [insert text -qualitative and quantitative research].

IV. Prompts for Operating Systems

  1. Describe the major [insert text -algorithms exploited by batch processing systems to avert deadlocks].
  2. [Deadlock is one of the troubles that afflict operating systems] Explain [approaches for averting deadlocks].
  3. Write an essay about the services that an [insert text -operating system can provide to the host].
  4. Explain the process [insert text -management activities carried out by an operating system].

V. Prompts for Artificial Intelligence

  1. Explain the [insert text -scientific, engineering, and psychological goals of artificial intelligence].
  2. Using examples, discuss the advantages of [insert text -natural intelligence compared to artificial intelligence].
  3. Write an essay about [insert text -queries that can be used for a Turing test].

VII. Prompts for Computer Science

  1. Describe the functioning of [insert text -virtual memory in the computer].
  2. Explain the functionality of [insert text -seven layers of OSI reference model and map with TCP/IP protocol suite].
  3. Describe how a [insert text -liquid crystal display works].
  4. Explain [insert text -texture mapping in computer graphics] and discuss the [steps followed in texture mapping].

Prompts that post-graduate students can use on ChatGPT

I. Prompts for Ethics and Public Service

  1. Describe the [insert text -legal framework regulating ethical behavior] in public service.
  2. Discuss [insert text -Emmanuel Kant’s theory of deontology].
  3. Elaborate on any [insert text -ethical issues] in a public organization you are conversant with.
  4. Explain the [insert text -instances where police abuse their authority].
  5. Discuss the [insert text -ethical justifications for punishment in society].
  6. Elaborate [insert text -methods of managing ethical goals] in [criminal justice organizations].

II. Prompts for Research Methods

  1. Discuss reasons for [insert text -adhering to ethical norms] while conducting research in general.
  2. Discuss [insert text -ethical principles that are necessary in a social science research project].
  3. Explain any [insert text -reasons for studying a sample instead of the entire target population].

III. Prompts for Philosophy

  1. Discuss the use and functions of [insert text -languages].
  2. Explain the rules of [insert text -replacement].
  3. Critically examine the role of [insert text -hypothesis in scientific investigation].
  4. Explain categorical [insert text -syllogism] and explain its rules.
  5. Differentiate between [insert text -Deductive and Inductive methods].

IV. Prompts for Finance and Capital Management

  1. Explain basic assumptions of [insert text – the Capital Pricing Model (CAPM)].
  2. Explain any factors that determine a [insert text -firm’s working capital needs. Illustrate using a merchandising / trading firm as an example].

V. Prompts for Information Technology

  1. Identify and explain the [insert text -organizing components of active directory logical structure].
  2. The [insert text -advantages of going with distribution of Linux are many, the single most important advantage of vendor Linux over “stock” Linux is that it saves users time] Explain the [insert text -various ways users are saved time by them].
  3. Discuss the criteria to determine [insert text -if a distribution is open source].
  4. Discuss the roles of [insert text -patents and copyright in software protection].

VI. Prompts for Economics and Business Management

1. Describe in detail the main assumptions of the [insert text -neoclassical model of a firm].

2. Compare and contrast the [insert text -criticisms leveled against profit maximization models by the management and behavioural schools of thought].

3. Deliberate on the various (theories developed to study the price and money supply relationship).

4. Assume that you are a manager and have limited resources to develop a nature park for your business. Describe the [insert text -decision-making steps that you will use when allocating resources].

5. Differentiate between [insert text -Harrod and Domar growth models).

6. Discuss the evolution of [insert text -international monetary systems adopted by the world]. economies.

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